Our Growers - Australian Pumpkin Seeds

We love using Australian grown ingredients which is why we source our pumpkin seeds from Pepo Farms, who are the first and only growers of pumpkin seeds in all of Australia!

Sharan, Jay and the team at Pepo have been growing pumpkin seeds for over 20 years at their farm in the Ovens Valley in North East VIC. They grow a variety of Styrian pumpkin using biodynamic farming practices like deploying cover crops and carbon capture. This means they aren’t reliant on pesticides or herbicides and also ensures they’re adding nutrients back into the soil.  

Their giant pumpkins can reach 5kg at harvest time when they’re scooped up and cut open to reveal their plump, juicy seeds which can be eaten straight from the pumpkin. After a quick rinse and dry, the seeds are ready to go. Over 90% of pumpkin seeds found in grocery stores are imported from China where chemicals are often used to remove the shells from the seeds. At Pepo, the seeds are ready to eat straight from the pumpkin. No shelling required.

Pepo’s pumpkin seeds also contain over 30% more protein, zinc and magnesium than the imported variety and have a nuttier, cleaner flavour which is why they’re the only pumpkin seeds we use in our Darl Bars.

To learn more about Sharan and Jay's story, you visit their website below:
Pepo Farms