Hi Joel...

Three words ...’OH MY GOODNESS’.... your bars and granola are AMAZING!!! I’ve told my friends about them too...

Your service was excellent, postage super fast and I love the whole ‘vibe’ you guys have got going on... I’ve been really trying to go a bit more ‘whole food’ snacky with my diet.. and getting more beans and legumes in.. 

These are perfect.. well done!

I’m happy I was one of the ‘original onliner’s’..

I’ll be back for sure. Cheers Dannielle 🤩🤩🙏


Hi Joel, 

I was really impressed with your product especially the chocolate and sour cherry. Having launched into a healthier lifestyle , I was seeking a  treat, that I could have a little bit of and be satisfied with. Great as they are only slightly sweet! Will be back!


Hi Joel

Love your Dahl Bars & the granola mix.

As a coeliac myself, & vego family, the Dahl Bars have become a favourite mid morning/afternoon ‘pick me up/feel good’ snack😊

Loving the granola with yoghurt & fruit for brekky or lunch. 

Dahl Bars have also become daughter’s fav tasty, high energy, lightweight snack to pack for hiking trips. 

Would be great to somehow get a more eco-friendly packaging, but I’m sure you are already looking into that. 

About to order more!


Hi Joel , 

Gave two as gifts they loved them !! I loved them can’t wait to try other flavours thanks 🙏 I’m sure some of the cafes on the sunny coast would happily stock them . Great product! Thanks 


Hi Joel

The bars are really good. I particularly like that they are not too sweet and yet crammed full of flavour. They are quite filling too so a little goes a long way.

Thanks for a beautiful local product.

Best wishes to you both

Wendy x

Hi Joel

We love the Dhal bars... We've tried them all and we love them all. Our favorite is the Chai spiced one... Actually the kids are lucky to be getting any of those haha cause I can eat them non stop. I've been meaning to order more. 


Hi Joel , 

Gave two as gifts they loved them !! I loved them can’t wait to try other flavours thanks 🙏 I’m sure some of the cafes on the sunny coast would happily stock them . Great product! Thanks 


Hi Joel

I’m loving your bars and I am totally addicted. I work away at sea and have got your mixes to be sent to me at work. I work away for 5 weeks at a time.  The simplicity of ordering and postage suits me perfectly.  I’m a chef and couldn’t make anything this tasty.  Thanks for your amazing product.  

Kind regards 


Hi Joel,

I love your DAHL bars! So much goodness packed into each bar. They are my go to snacks in between clients, and my after dinner snack. Very addictive and hard to stop at one bar. So good, that it was also lovely to meet you last month at the vegan markets on the Gold Coast at the Southport Primary State school. 

Since then, i have one bag of bars left and i will place another order tonight.

I will keep recommending you!



Hi Joel 

The bars were a huge hit at home. They are delicious !!
I will be putting in another order soon. 
Thank you 


Hi Joel

I finished my first pk of Dahl bars today.
I loved them not too much sweetness & all the ingredients are healthy. I love the convenience of the packaging.
The turmeric bars are also a great snack - just the right balance between sweet & savory.
I only have time for the granola on the weekends & I really look forward to my chai granola.   It’s very filling & I find I don’t need too much & yoghurt is a great accompaniment with it.
Congratulations…. I love the three different items I purchased. 
Cheers & thanks 


Hi Joel, 

I was really impressed with your product especially the chocolate and sour cherry. Having launched into a healthier lifestyle , I was seeking a  treat, that I could have a little bit of and be satisfied with. Great as they are only slightly sweet! Will be back!


Hi Joel,

I’ve only tried the Turmeric one so far and loved them. The chewy texture was great and good balance of flavours. My partner scoffed at my purchase but even he enjoyed a few bars in the end and he took back what he first said.
I’m excited to try the other flavours and see how they differ! 
Thanks for an awesome product!

Best regards,


Hi Joel

How lovely to receive a personal email.

The bars are great.  I ordered them because my daughter and I bought some of the dahl bar mix from you at a stall at a market in Bangalow in January, I think.  I loved the chocolate ones so much, I ordered more.

Honestly, I can’t think of any suggestions for a better customer experience.  To the best of my recollection, ordering the bars was easy and they arrived quickly. I love them and when I’ve finished my current stash of packets of bar mix I’ll order more!  I love the fact that the chocolate ones are so easy to make.

Best regards



Hi Joel, 

Well.....I just ordered 2 more of each🤣🥰 I've not made our create your own mix yet, but we have eaten a whole bar of ready to go on opening the packaging 😊

My son is allergic to nuts, his bestie (10yrs old) and I are vegan, and I'm GF as well (all sensitivities not allergy for me). 

So this dahl bar ticks all the 'boxes'! 

My son has really restricted tastes/meals due to sensory needs....but he tried your bars- this is huge as fear of non homemade food causes anxiety. 

How beautiful to have a snack that can sit in the fridge or pantry and be inclusive of us all as we all gather together🥰

My son's review was-  "Mmmm, it's ok, it's not really my thing, but it's ok". "Thanks for getting it to try mum". 

I have a definite suspicion that the refined sugar "natural food co" Snakes he had earlier as a treat muddied the waters!🤣

I'm going to trial a tiny criss cross drizzle of nut free choc on his next attempt🤣

My review- dahlish! Absolutely what I want from a snack. Crunch, chocolate flavour, healthy, safe for our home, supporting small business &  guilt free❤

Big Qld hugs, and all the best going forward! 



Hi Joel, I thought they were wonderful & all my family loved them. Keep doing what you are doing & don’t change a thing.

Cheers Susan 


Hi Joel,, thanks for the email… well I didn’t know you were that new online… congratulations!

I tried the bars - loved them thanks - perfect little snack with a cuppa. And the granola - well - that’s just DIVINE!!!

As a diabetic I have to go REAL easy on carbs, but I really enjoyed these and will certainly be ordering some more, so thanks, Diana. :)


Hi Joel

Thanks for the note and the addition to our order - that is very lovely! 

We LOVE the mixes - I make them up each week and send them to school with the kids - they are the perfect healthy snack that can go in lunchboxes. Both our kids have class mates with nut allergies and these are one of the few options that we can safely send to school. In fact we all love them as a little morning snack!

Hope it is going well and will happily do what I can to share the love amongst our other family fiends!


Hi Joel,

We're hooked! We have a kindergarten aged child and one coeliac toddler. I like cooking so I often just make my own treats but having a super quick option in the pantry is marvellous! I wouldn't really change anything. My favourite part is that little salty kick. I did do one batch with some butter to try it out and that was good. But can't really beat the coconut oil and maple syrup.

Thanks! Yum product!



Afternoon Joel,

I seen you at the Channon Markets today and purchased some of your goodies .

I made the Chocolate and Original Bars this afternoon and happy to say they are super easy to make and taste fantastic ! Looking forward to seeing you at the next Market.

Regards Lisa


Hi Thanksdahl team,

I would just like to say that I bought a packet of your chai Dahl bar mix from the tweed markets a few weeks back. We just got around to cooking it today. It was fantastic, excellent, delicious, scrumptious and overall bloody lovely!

Thank you! Best of luck with your future endeavors with the business!



Hi Joel,

I bought a packet of the chocolate mix from you at the Pottsville markets. I spoke to you about adding extra protein powder. I just wanted to let you know that it worked no worries and that these are some of the most delicious protein snacks I've ever eaten! I can't wait to see you at the next markets!! Thank you,



Hi Joel

Yes I remember you and I loved your product! I  have finished 2 of the 3 packets I bought already. I am keen to reorder and will do that now.





I bought your 3 pack deal at the Byron market,  

It is a beautiful product , love it!

Checking if you will be at the next Byron market? 

I need to get some new supplies.





I only just made my first pack of cinnamon and cranberry bars today, but they are a big hit with the kids and adults alike. Super easy to make too. I'll place an order soon for a few packs just wanted to ensure I get the cinnamon!




Hi Joel! 

I definitely remember your stall and you! 

I recently made the bars and found them so easy to make and the quantity you put on the package was perfect! 

They were absolutely amazing! I loved them so much! I’m very excited to try the chai granola that I also bought! 

Thanks again,


Hi Joel,

Yes we loved them. Super easy to make and perfect for the kids lunchboxes.

My eldest daughter is allergic to nuts so she was just excited to be able to eat something that looked like a muesli bar.

We will order again!

Thank you


Hi Joel,

Just made them for school lunch this week and my son loves them and we even discussed ordering more this morning – so you’re a hit!

I’ve made 10 bars – and frozen half of them, as he’s only taking one a day and didn’t want to leave them in the fridge too long.  Hoping they’ll still be delicious. 

Will order some more next week.




Hi Joel

Thanks for your email following up on our Thanks Dahl purchase.

We love Thanks Dahl and are looking forward to making the sweet mixes that we bought last weekend and sharing them with family. As mentioned we preferred to make it in a slice tray (rather than bars) and cut them into bite size squares for easier snacking.

You’re likely to see us each month at Kingscliff to buy our next supply and to try any new recipes/products that you create.

Kind regards from your ‘first repeat Kingscliff markets customers’

Bronwyn (& Gemma)


Hey Joel

We tried the Cinnamon & Cranberry Dahl bar 

We over baked then a tad so they were quite crispy but they were a big hit with all the family

We made them up for return to school snacks and I think they are perfect. 

We’ll definitely be ordering more and will be recommending to friends!!!



Hi Joel,

Thanks for getting back to me and with the tip on reducing the rice malt syrup. I made up the turmeric cumin bar mix and it was the best. My husband says “its just like going to an Indian restaurant”. We think the amount of spices is just right.

My mum, who prefers savoury to sweet, said they are really good and wanted to know which markets you go to.

Last night I made up the cocoa and coconut one while I was on the phone to a friend. So easy.

Very delicious and easy to eat. But we think the turmeric cumin is the star so far.



Hi Joel,

The bars were so good, even if I did burn them a lot a little 😅

I neglected to remember the type of sugar meant itd go from just right to burned pretty quickly, would 10/10 buy again...Will you be at a market soon?



Hey Joel,

I did make them mate, and they were epic!
Keen to get some more actually, where are you doing the markets next?



Hey Joel ,

I love the mix you created ! The flavour was great, texture too and well everything went great. They were a hit as a pre-cooked gift and a great snack at a Boxing Day celebration and went well on my version of a vegan charcuterie board aha :)

I’ll be buying a packet of your choc coconut mix very soon I need to try them ! Honestly I think it’s clear I’m a big fan. Thanks for creating a easy mix to make. 

They made me feel like I was good at cooking even when I am exhausted :)